Membership is more than a card or being able to access our facility, it is the community that is built by being involved with something larger than yourself.  We are here to help you set and reach your goals.  We will teach you things about yourself that you never thought were possible. 

As a member you will receive:

  • Program registration priority with many of our classes included as part of the membership.
  • Access to our facility.
  • Reduced fees for programming, childcare and summer camp.
  • Access to other Ys around the country through Nationwide Membership System (Currently unavailable due to COVID).  Please remember that certain rules and restrictions apply.
  • A discounted membership for active military personnel.  




Tours of our facility and equipment orientations are available.  No appointment is necessary for tours, please call ahead for orientations.



Fulton Family YMCA Membership Rates 2022

Monthly Membership Drafts:

*New* Fitness Center Membership: $35.00 

Youth (13 and under): $23.50

Teen (14-18): $26.50

Young Adult (19-29): $34.14

Adult (30-61): $47.50

Family of 2: $62.42

Family: $71.49

Mature Citizen (62+): $43.50

Mature Citizen Couple: $54.50

No join fee for Youth & Teen

Join Fee……….$20.00

Membership For All join fee…….$15.00

*24-Hour Access Key Fob: $10.00 per fob 


*Fitness Center Membership: Access to the fitness center only. No classes, pool, or gymnasium is included in this membership.

*24-Hour Access Key Fob: Each key fob is $10 (one-time fee unless lost or stolen). The key fob gives our adult members (18+) access to the YMCA fitness center during non-staffed hours of operation. Access includes fitness center and front lobby bathroom. Key Fobs may take up to 2 buisness days to be activate. 

Drafts are membership payments collected on the 19th of each month from a checking, savings, debit or credit card account. All holds and terminations must be submitted in writing  before the 5th of the month, failure to do so, you are required to pay for the month. Should any charge not be honored by your payment method on file, a $10 returned fee charge will apply.

Join Fee: This one time fee will not be charged again if memberships are renewed within one month of the expiration date.

Family Unit: Family memberships are extended to include any family groups living in the same household, but limited to two adults and biological, adopted or foster children 25 years and under.

Membership For All: The Fulton Family YMCA believes that everyone should have an opportunity to participate in membership and programs. Membership For All is available for those who may not the ability to pay for YMCA stated fees.

Membership for All is a scholarship program available to those unable to pay the YMCA monthly fees and designed to fit everyone’s financial situation based on a sliding scale format. This membership requires a copy of the applicant’s most recent tax return, Social Security or  benefits distribution check, SNAP paperwork, HUD approval letter, support checks and any other form of income/support coming into the household.

The Fulton Family YMCA believes everyone should have an opportunity to participate in membership and programs. If you would like to apply or have questions about Membership for All, please ask front desk staff.


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